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Group skill training

Group skill training 

Improve your skills, confidence, and mindset with the upbeat  energy of our small group classes. Choose how often you want to invest in yourself with our variety of specialized classes. Once you select and sign up for one of our training packages (see pricing link below), you will have access to our online scheduling where you will be able to view and sign up for training sessions. 

What Happens in a Hardwood Hustle Skill group skill training class


  • With a small group limited to 12 participants or less, it will be fun and engaging but still small enough to retain high quality (1:6  Coach/Player ratio. 

  • It's a great option for athletes who thrive working out with others, but still want individual instruction. 

  • There will be more opportunities to learn the game through mini scrimmages. 

  • Training workouts will be specialized and focused.  

  • You are getting quality training at an affordable price.

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