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Join us for a Ball Handling Clinic on Thursday, October 12th, designed specifically for advanced basketball players. This clinic is open to both boys and girls in grades 6-9 who are eager to take their ball handling skills to the next level. Our coaches are dedicated to challenging participants and fostering an environment of excellence where players can push themselves and inspire each other to reach new heights in their basketball abilities.

Ba handling clinic_edited.jpg


Duration: 1 hour

Capacity: 8-12 athletes

Skill Level: Advanced

Location: 177 N. Main St. Middleton, MA - Unit #607

Lead Coach: Jackie Lyons




Clinic Highlights:Weighted Ball Drills: Strengthen your wrists and improve your grip with specialized weighted basketballs. These drills will help you develop better control and power in your ball-handling.


Tennis Ball Drills: Precision and quick reflexes are essential in basketball. Our tennis ball drills will enhance your hand-eye coordination and agility, giving you the edge on the court.


Cone Drills: Master dribbling techniques and maneuverability with cone drills. Navigate through obstacles with ease and gain the confidence to take on defenders.


Speed Drills: Accelerate your game with speed drills that focus on footwork and agility. Learn to change direction quickly and outmaneuver opponents.


Hand-Eye Coordination: Precision passing and shooting require exceptional hand-eye coordination. Our clinic will help you improve this critical aspect of your game, making you a more effective player.


2-Ball Work: Take your ball-handling skills to the next level by working with two basketballs simultaneously. This advanced training will enhance your dribbling, passing, and overall control.


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