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We are two women who share a vision and passion for helping athletes. Our goal is to support athletes working towards their potential while  empowering them throughout their journey. As former college basketball players, we value the self-confidence that comes from accomplishing goals and improving on the court. We believe the same holds true for life off the court. We strive to see our athletes grow into confident players, leaders, teammates, and people.  



Jackie Lyons is a former division 1 college basketball player, having competed for UNH before transferring to Merrimack College, where she earned her degree in Marketing and Media. With a fervent enthusiasm for coaching, teaching, and entrepreneurship, Jackie's diverse interests shape her approach to sports and skill development.

For five consecutive years, Jackie served as a coach at Milton Academy, a prestigious prep school in the greater Boston area. Her experiences at the academy provided her with valuable insights into mentoring young athletes, instilling a passion for the game, and nurturing their talents.

Basketball, art, and design are among Jackie's greatest passions. However, her truest devotion lies in empowering young athletes to reach their fullest potential while fostering genuine love and joy for the game through her skill training sessions. Jackie's coaching experience spans a wide spectrum, as she has worked with athletes at every level, from professional players to elementary school students.

With an unwavering dedication to elevating athletes' skills and a keen eye for creativity, Jackie approaches coaching with a unique perspective that inspires and motivates those under her guidance. Her goal is to make a positive impact on aspiring athletes and help them succeed both on and off the court.




Elemy is co-owner and a dedicated skills coach at Hardwood Hustle. Having embarked on a journey that ended at Syracuse University, Elemy pursued her education while honing their expertise in sports and coaching, culminating in graduation in 2020.

A remarkable milestone in Elemy's career was representing the Dominican Republic as a member of the National Team in 2021. This invaluable experience provided opportunities to compete at the international level and facilitated personal growth both as an athlete and a coach.


At the core of Elemy's coaching philosophy lies a strong emphasis on  hard work, improvement and community. Elemy is dedicated to guiding and supporting athletes at all stages of their journey, whether they are beginners eager to learn the fundamentals or seasoned athletes striving for greatness.

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