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2023 Summer Clinic FAQ’s


Where are Hardwood Hustle summer clinics located?  

Our 3-day summer clinics for grades entering 3-9 are located at Apex Athletics in Peabody and summer clinics for grades entering k-2 are at Hardwood Hustle in Middleton. 


What is the cancellation policy? 

If you can’t attend the clinic for any reason, including schedule conflicts, an unexpected illness, last-minute injuries, or a family emergency, as long as it’s at least 14 days before your session, you can transfer 100% of your clinic credit to a different summer clinic. 

Is there a one or two day option available? 

Yes! We offer single day registrations to all of our 2023 summer clinics. Email to inquire about our day options.  


What do the participants need to bring?

Participants should bring a ball, water, snacks and/or lunch. If your child does not have a basketball then we will provide them with one at the start of the clinic. 


Will my child be safe?

Safety is our first priority at Hardwood Hustle! Participants are expected to never leave the gym alone, except to use the restroom, and then they are supposed to use the buddy system. All participants using the restroom must go with a coach or friend as a "buddy".


Does the clinic provide snacks or lunch? 

We do not provide snacks or lunch. Participants are encouraged to bring snacks and/or lunch each day. We will have allocated time during the clinic for a lunch and recovery period. 

Can parents watch throughout the day? 

Yes. Parents are allowed to watch their children at any point during the day. 


Are participants placed in groups based on age and skill level? 

Both. We  divide participants into groups based on age first. Then, participants are evaluated by the coaching staff throughout the week.  Participants who would benefit from being moved to a higher group will be asked if they would like to move. Hardwood Hustle coaches will always try to honor the requests of the participant/family while maintaining what is best for the clinic.

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